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Introducing Quick Launch and Enhanced ActiveTrack for Effortless Storytelling

As a tech and gadget reviewer, I had the privilege of attending DJI’s recent event on Bree Street – an evening of creative inspiration showcasing the latest products and some breathtaking work from world-class creators. Having previously owned an Osmo2 and an Osmo+, it was hard to hide my glee as I generously received the new DJI Osmo 6 to review. From the unboxing, I was immediately struck by its weight and the impressive updates to its structure – including a metallic phone clip, a tripod stand, and more.

My first assignment with the Osmo Mobile 6 was a luxury travel story for Luxury Travel Editors, focusing on various aspects of a recently re-launched five-star property, LUX Belle Mare, on the East Coast of Mauritius. The device didn’t disappoint. It was quick to pick up and use, offering the flexibility to work with various camera and video apps or within DJI Mimo. The end result was not just a gadget; it was an embodiment of portability, flexibility, enhanced features, and a remarkably smooth glide.

In a world where every moment is worthy of preservation, DJI, the world’s foremost innovator in civilian drones and creative camera technology, has unveiled the Osmo Mobile 6. This pocket-sized, portable marvel unlocks the full potential of your smartphone’s photos and videos, empowering you to become a masterful content creator. The Osmo Mobile 6, the latest entrant in the esteemed Osmo Mobile series, is brimming with cutting-edge features, including Quick Launch and ActiveTrack 5.0, designed to ensure that you capture every detail with seamless ease.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Portable and Compact:
One of the standout features of the Osmo Mobile 6 is its portability. Building on the success of its predecessor, the OM 5, it boasts a fresh ergonomically designed handle and a larger clamp, capable of accommodating even the bulkiest phone cases. Weighing just over 300 grams, it effortlessly slips into your pocket, making it your ideal travel companion. Additionally, the built-in extension rod empowers you to capture perfectly framed selfies and explore unique angles, including those captivating low-to-the-ground shots.

Steady and Ready:
The Osmo Mobile 6 boasts three robust motors and DJI’s advanced algorithms, ensuring that your smartphone remains rock-steady while capturing photos and videos. It is your go-to device for preserving fast-paced action, whether you are globe-trotting with mates, exploring the city, or witnessing a child’s first sporting event. In contrast to the electronic image stabilisation found in smartphones, which may falter during dynamic movements and low-light scenarios, the motorised stabilisation of the Osmo Mobile 6 guarantees clarity in every frame.

In the Blink of an Eye:
In the world of photography, moments can be fleeting. DJI recognises this, and hence, they have introduced the Quick Launch feature for iPhone users with the Osmo Mobile 6. Unfolding the device and attaching your iPhone triggers the Mimo app instantly, significantly reducing the time required for preparation. You can transition from pocket to shooting mode three times faster than with previous models, ensuring that you never miss a shot.

Stay Locked On:
The Osmo Mobile 6 elevates tracking to a whole new level with ActiveTrack 5.0, offering stable tracking at longer distances while enabling the front camera to track subjects even when they pivot or spin. Whether you are camping, travelling, or capturing street scenes, your footage takes on a captivating narrative with the gimbal ensuring your subject remains the focal point.

Intuitive Control:
Switching between the Osmo Mobile 6’s four gimbal modes has never been simpler. The built-in status panel and Mode button fast-track checking the battery level and selecting the perfect mode for your shot:

  1. Follow: Ideal for shooting upwards, downwards, or diagonally.
  2. Tilt Lock: Perfect for horizontal shots or moving around a subject.
  3. FPV (First Person View): Excellent for dynamic filming of still subjects like landmarks or statues.
  4. SpinShot: Create dynamic footage with ease, including push, pull, and high-angle shots.

Control at Your Fingertips:
The Osmo Mobile 6 introduces the Side Wheel, enabling you to effortlessly control zoom and focus. This smooth, responsive wheel allows you to adjust the focal length for flexible compositions and achieve a cinematic look with manual focus control.

Intelligent Features:
To enhance your content creation, the Osmo Mobile 6 includes intelligent features such as Timelapse, DynamicZoom, Gesture Control, Panorama, and Story Mode. These features empower you to create stunning and unique videos, whether you’re a seasoned pro or embarking on your content creation journey.

Comprehensive App Ecosystem:
DJI provides two powerful apps, DJI Mimo and LightCut, to guide you from shooting to editing. DJI Mimo offers tutorials and shot recommendations, while LightCut features AI-powered one-tap editing and exclusive video templates, ensuring your content shines from start to finish.

Pricing and Availability:
The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is available for R3499 at the time of writing (but will fluctuate due to the dollar and various online merchants) and includes a magnetic clamp, tripod, power cable, and storage pouch.

As the owner of a mobile reporting hub, JournalismWeb, the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 has the potential to revolutionise (affordable) mobile journalism, smartphone photography and videography, making it accessible to everyone. With its unmatched portability, advanced stabilisation, and innovative features, it empowers you to effortlessly capture some of life’s memorable moments, ensuring your storytelling is magnificent and evocative down to the finest detail. Storytelling should be nothing less.

Take a peek!

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