Here’s how to get started with data journalism

Nils Mulvad, co-founder and board member of GIJN, ‏and Helena Bengtsson, editor for the Data Projects Team at The Guardian, share twelve tips on how to use data for stories.

How to check plagiarism and sources on articles

Checking for plagiarism and verifying the sources in an article or blog post is an important step in ensuring the accuracy and credibility of...

How to utilise ChatGPT best

ChatGPT is an incredible AI language model that can help you with a wide range of tasks, from answering questions and generating content to...

Twitter tips from experts

Here is a selection of personal Twitter tips from journalists including Matthew Price, Mishal Husain and Cathy Newman, and social media experts like Anna Doble and Sue Llewellyn.

Saving your sources

Good sources are the foundation of a good story. That’s why it’s vital that journalists keep comprehensive lists of both their used contacts and potential sources. Hard copy source lists are often seen as the reporter’s bible, while social media platforms and online lists have become indispensable resources too.