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Meet the smart microphone, that’s wonderfully phone friendly.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and journalism, there’s a particular gadget that’s always a centrepiece in my toolbox: the microphone. Whether your story is text or video, a mic needs to be reliable. For mobile reporters, those on-the-move, and increasingly using their phones, a lavalier microphone for smartphones also needs to be agile, portable and have features that are adapting to the times.

It was in 2020 that the SmartMike+ first caught the limelight as a CES Innovation Award winner. I remember vividly being one of the early adopters, backing it on Kickstarter. Unboxing it felt like a glimpse into the future of mobile journalism – compact, sleek, and unassumingly powerful. 


Its two-way Bluetooth capability allows for synchronizing real-time stereo sound with video on smartphones, delivering an impressive 48kHz audio quality. Its design, reminiscent of a miniature vape, is deceptively simple – clip it on, connect to your phone, and you’re ready to capture crystal-clear audio.

The gadget’s charm lies in its seamless integration with everyday journalistic tasks. Whether capturing audio for a corporate event, conducting interviews at a bustling exhibition, or creating engaging social media content, the SmartMike+ stands as a central tool. Its ease of use is a boon, especially when operating within the dynamic environments journalists often find themselves in.

Pairing it with its sister product, the ‘AudioWow’, a matchbox size mic that goes a step further, as a mobile mixing console offering surround sound, a voice changer, five band equalizer and noise reduction, elevates its capabilities, allowing fine-tuning of audio settings through its own user-friendly app. This combo is particularly effective in delivering polished audio for various formats – be it video reports, podcasts, or social media snippets. However, it’s the teleprompter function that adds the cherry on top for me, when you want to deliver a word-perfect script.

The practicality extends to its battery life and range – six hours and 15 metres, respectively. Plus, the inclusion of a windproof cap addresses the age-old problem of recording in less-than-ideal weather conditions, a common scenario in field journalism.

Underneath its minimalistic exterior lies Qualcomm’s noise cancellation and true wireless stereo technology, ensuring that recordings are insulated from ambient distractions. This is crucial in an age where clarity and quality of content can set one apart in the crowded digital space.

Its compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, along with third-party apps like FiLMiC Pro, underscores its versatility. For our media team, attending events with an arsenal of tech-driven tools, the SmartMike+ has been central in capturing high-quality audio, which is often the backbone of compelling storytelling.

In the realm of mobile journalism, where agility and quality are paramount, it’s got dimensions that stand out. Yes, Rode delivers amazing Bluetooth products in sound, but this embodies the essence of what we do at JournalismWeb – merging tech and journalism to create content that resonates. It will be the same for content creators on-the-go. 

In conclusion, the SabineTek SmartMike+ is more than just a gadget; it’s another innovation that is shaping the future of reporting. In a world where technology continuously redefines the boundaries of journalism, these are trusty companions in our quest to tell stories that matter, with clarity and creativity.

You’ll find it here: https://www.sabinetek.com/products/smartmikeplus


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